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Crossword: Ch. 3: Canada and the Twenties

  5 6
10 11 12                            

2.An association of nations that were formerly colonies in the British Empire (2 Words)
3.A concern for the affairs of one's own region over those of one's country
4.A direct vote by electors on an issue of pubic importance
7.Industries dealing with the extraction or collection of raw materials, such as mining or forestry (2 Words)
8.A downturn in the economy
9.Industries dealing with manufacturing or construction (2 Words)
12.The process by which changes can legally be made to the Canadian Constitution (2 Words)
13.Lands taken from reserves without consent of the Aboriginal peoples (3 Words)
14.The process by which an area changes from rural to urban
15.Claims by Aboriginal people to lands that their ancestors inhabited (2 Words)
1.Negotiation of a contract between unions and management regarding such things as wages and working conditions (2 Words)
5.A government in which the ruling party has less than half the seats in the legislature (2 Words)
6.Factories, offices, or other operations set up in Canada but owned or controlled by US or other foreign companies (2 Words)
10.A believer in a political and economic system in which the means of production and distribution in a country are publicly owned and controlled for the the benefit of all members of a society
11.The power to govern oneself and make one's own decisions

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