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Marae Challenge

Mrs Dimery

A chance to recall the buildings, the people, the uses and welcoming customs of the NZ Maori.

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  10 11 12 13           14
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2.Set ways of doing things on the marae.
6.The gift from the visitors to the marae people.
8.The visitors stop in front of this big house.
9.This is the place you go if you need the toilet or a shower.
13.Another word for when people marry.
15.The chant the kuia uses to call the visitors to enter.
17.Thecarved ends of the barge boards or the fingers of the ancestor
18.After the talking and singing they line up to press noses.
1.The old lady calling out the chant is one of this group.
3.How the visitors must move onto the marae, slowly and.....
4.The Maori word for visitors to the marae.
5.The carved figure on top of the meeting house.
7.The barge boards or arms of the ancestor keeping the people safe.
8.The Maori word for the dining hall where they eat.
10.The Maori word for a funeral on the marae.
11.The Maori word for the songs that follow each speech.
12.The old lady who calls the visitors onto the marae.
14.All the visitors wait outside here.
16.Another word for the visitor's talk saying why they have come

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