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Macrolevel Social Structure and Interaction

Introduction to Sociology

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5.___ members: an essential task of an institution according to functionalists
6.all statuses at a given time (2 Words)
7.urban society; social bonds as impersonal and specialized
11.social process by which people act toward or respond to other people; foundation of all relationships
12.material signs; for the homeless, link to the past (2 Words)
14.most important status occupied (2 Words)
16.social framework of institutions and practices
18.___ group; a family, for example
19.status that is voluntary, choice, merit, efforts
20.role ___; lack of committment
22.___ group; your class, for example
23._____; cohesion based on very specialized tasks and mutual dependence
25.information ___; as in postindustrial societies where knowledge can be a commodity
26.socially define position with expectations, rights, and duties
1.role ___; begins with doubt, search for alternatives, reaching a turning point and then new identity
2.they say institutions exist to peform five essential tasks
3.role ___; incompatible demands built into one status
4.role ___; how it is actually played out
5.behavioral expectations of a given status
8.role ___; incompatible demands by 2 or more statuses at the same time
9.he was concerned about loss of community such the Gesellschaft
10.social ___; a set of organized beliefs & rules that establish how a society will attempt to meet its basic social needs
13.he said the foundation of societies is division of labor
15.roles as in the context of others
17.role ___; unclear expectations
19.status from birth or involuntarily
21.organization that is highly structured for specific tasks or goals
24.composed of specific identifiable people who interact frequently

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