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Brave New World

8     9     10        

2.The caste that is characterized by their use of Mulberry clothing. Lenina belongs to this class.
4.the word often used to describe Lenina as "good" , "agreeable" or"nice".
6.Sleep-teaching,which is part of the conditioning process. What is used to ensure that children don’t question their place in society.
8.the concept that an ever-expanding consumption of goods is advantageous to the economy.
11.Khaki clothing, the babies that are shocked in the beginning of the novel belong to this class.
12.The class that rules the world, some examples of professions can be World Controllers,Directors of Hatcheries, and Wardens.
1.A game in which children fling a ball onto a platform. The ball then rollsdown the interior and lands on a rotating disk that flings the ball in a random direction, at which point the ball must be caught. Mentioned for the sole purpose of criticizing the need for gadgets to play a game even at children.
3.Characterized by their green clothing. They are semi- skilled workers.
5.The person to is worshiped in their society, the founder of the factory employed in the novel.
7.How people are created in this "utopia".
9.The ideal pleasing drug in Brave New World. It neutralizes everyone.
10.People belonging to this class wear black, they are the lowest down on the pyramid in their society.
12.the year of our Ford. A dating term which plays on the modern system of naming years after the birth of Christ

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