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Microlevel Social Structure and Interaction

Introduction to Sociology

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2.he suggests that we acquire "feeling rules"
5.___ men become aware of "defensive" reactions of whites in routine encounters
7.Bomber to Bomber are able to share ___ emotions
9.____ management refers to way we present ourselves favorably
11.he suggested the use of dramaturgical analysis
12.subordinates use this nonverbally to confirm existence of inequality
15.a face saving technique in which one ignores flaws in another person (2 Words)
18.according to ethnomethodologists, interaction is based on assumptions of shared _____
21.symbolic ____ perspective takes a microlevel approach
25.____ labor; as when bill collectors are encouraged to show anger and deflate the customers' status
26.perceive street encounters as threatening to their safety and possibly sexual in nature
27.our definition of a situation may lead to a self-fulfilling __________________
28.the ___ of Pacific Skid Row evaluated their situation with some satisfaction
1.he initiated the use of ethnomethodology
3.study of interactions that compares everyday life to theatrical presentations (2 Words)
4.these willingly discuss their high grades on an exam (2 Words)
6.her study of skid row found different evaluations depending on frame of reference
8.this is often defined by powerful high-income white males as how it "should" be (2 Words)
10.____ space; the immediate area surrounding a person claimed as private
13.study of commonsense knowledge that people use to understand the situation in which they find themselves
14.dominant classes subject the poor to "systematic attention ________"
16.social ____ of reality refers to what "we" see and how "we" respond
17.this behavior refers to strategies to rescue our performance when we experience loss (2 Words)
19.coined the term "civil inattention"
20.civil inattention is an example of interaction _____
22.how we behave or conduct ourselves as nonverbal communication
23.he suggests we commercialize our feelings at work which spill over into other areas of our lives
24.Ace minimizes her grade when talking to one of these

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