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Groups and Organizations

Introduction to Sociology

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7.his study found 2/3 administered a "deadly" shock
8.this means having a feeling of group superiority and may result in negative behaviors toward others
9.a number of people who may have never met one another but share a similar characteristic
11.____ leaders encourage consensus building
13.a form of compliance; follow direct orders from an authority
14.____ leaders make all decisions and assign tasks; appropriate in times of crisis
15.one function of identifying outgroups is to bind a group more closely in the presence of an ____
16.Weber identified this as a process toward bureaucratization, efficiently administered rules & procedures
19."the ways smart people working collectively can be dumber than the sum of their brains"
21.these organizations provide a material reward for joining
23.Michels referred to the "iron law of ____"; organizations tend toward becoming a bureaucracy
25.active participation of both members is crucial to this group's survival
26.___ theorists suggest group may involve power relationships and needs are not equally served
28.he used the term "primary group" - an example is a family
29.____ groups have less solidarity but more power
30.identification of our ____ helps establish individual identity and self-worth
31.coined the term "groupthink"
1.if this exists in a triad, the other member may be seen as an intruder
2.used the term "bureaucratic personality"; workers more concerned with procedures than getting the job done correctly
3.a requirement of bureacracies that everyone play by same rules
4.____ needs are met by a group that works together to fulfill a specific goal
5.a highly structured secondary group formed to achieve specific goals in an efficient manner (2 Words)
6.___ - ____ leaders are minimally involved (2 Words)
7.Ritzer identified four dimensions of formal rationality in this organization
9.people are forced to join these organizations; for example, total institutions
10.a collection of people who happen to be in the same place, same time, with little else in common
12.process of maintaining or changing behavior to comply with the established norms
17.class, gender, and race are important determinants in participation in ____ organizations
18.____ leadership provides emotional support for members; appropriate when harmony is needed
20.others may feel a sense of competitiveness or hostility toward this group
22.his study found 1/3 of the men conformed to incorrect answers
24.this is the other side of bureaucracy, such as the "grapevine" of information
27.he coined the terms "ingroup" and "outgroup" to describe people's feelings toward members of their own and other groups

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