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Nutrition & Hydration

Sandi Page

Staff Newsletter Crossword Competition

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      8                     9
    12 13          
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3.A form of modified diet texture
5.Residents with swallowing difficulties willl need fluids .........
8.Undereating and poor diet can lead to this condition
14.An important part of the digestive system
15.A type of special diet a resident may need
17.Body Mass Index may be abbreviated to this
19.Overeating and poor dietary habits can lead to this condition
20.The medical term for difficulty swallowing
23.Menus are checked for nutritional balance by these health professionals
27.A resident with dysphagia will be referred to this health professional (2 Words)
28.There are .... main food groups
29.We need this mineral for healthny bones
30.It is a responsibility of care staff to ensure residents receive good oral .......
1.A consequence of inadequate dietary intake will result in loss of ......
2.A form of non-liquid fluid
4.Another name for nutrition
6.Our bodies need water to maintain .........
7.Meat belongs to this food group
8.The 'entrance' to the digestive system
9.Flow chart 67 deals with ......... & ......... (3 Words)
10.It's important for a meal to look .........
11.Aspiration of fluid will cause this condition
12.Bread belongs to this group of foods
13.Meals may need to be modified to a ...... diet
16.Poor nutrition and oral care may cause this painful condition
18.A consequence of inadequate fluid intake
21.Oranges contain this vitamin (2 Words)
22.A nice healthy between-meal snack
24.Accreditation standard 2.10 requires 'Residents receive ........ nourishment and hydration'
25.A healthy mouth and gums rely on good .... care
26.All Residential Aged Care Facilities are required to have a .... Safety Plan in place

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