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Security at a Halt

Jay Dochnahl

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1.where would you set up you most casualty producing weapon? Most likely......
6.what is located by the door in case of an emergency?
7.who designates sectors of fire during a halt?
8.a type of halt that exceeds 2 minutes
10.type of signals given to one another
11.a type of halt that only lasts 1 to 2 minutes
12.type of halt including no vehicles
14.what position do the soldiers assume during a long halt?
15.who does the unit commander report the sitrep to?
2.the two Cs when identifying a good battle position
3.what type of sectors of fire should be established?
4.Al Gore's super power
5.what position do the soldiers assume during a short halt?
9.First step when movement suspect or expects contact.
13.type of halt including vehicles

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