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1 2
    4 5 6
  8   9 10      
    11               12  
13     14     15 16        
19         20 21   22 23                
    24 25                      
26                     27  
29               30            
31         32   33           34      
35 36                    
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40           41 42     43        
45       46      
47               48        

3.an electrical arc
5.The original digital mode
10.confirmation of a QSO
11.I X R
13.a Ham's mentor
15.the "missus"
17.a swinging choke is a type of this device
19.basic unit of inductance
23.combination of resistance and reactance
25.a feedline section used at microwave frequencies
26.when a diode conducts it is biased this way
28.the part of an atom responsible for current flow
29.wires layed on the ground as part of a vertical antenna
30.a form of wave propagation where a low angle of radiation is NOT intended
31.the "emitter" of a vacuum tube
33.balanced type of feed cable
36.an undesired oscillation in an amplifier
37.300 - 3000 MHZ
40.basic balanced antenna
42.rf transformers are often wound on these circular forms
44.Hilltop automated radio facility for extending range of signals
46.types of current, or a heavy metal rock band
47.the process of preparing wire ends with solder
48.cold 807?
49.controlling element of a vacuum tube
50.metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
1.basic unit of capacitance
2.RG-8/u is this type of cable
4.an antenna is either horizontally, or vertically (or both) this
6.instrument used to measure rf power
7.type of avalanche diode
8.an antenna characteristic we try to minimize
9.an early "build it yourself" equipment supplier
12.the "movement" of radio waves through space
14.part of the atmosphere Hams exploit
16.multi-element directional antenna named after its inventor
18.30 - 300 MHZ
20.type of antenna matching section
21.rare gas used in HV rectifier tubes
22.E / I
24.quartz frequency determining device for an oscillator
27.rear element on a beam antenna
32.forward element on a beam antenna
34.solder containing this is not ROHS compliant
35.box-like cube wire antenna
38.an element used in early solid state rectifiers
39.resistor used for safety in power supplies
41.the "C" in CRT
43.a gas produced by an electrical arc
45.a very poor operator

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