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Deviance & Crime (pgs 158-172)

Introduction to Sociology

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2.Strain Theory: drug dealing is an example of ___
4."Deviance is rooted in rapid social change and lack of social integration," he said.
6.Satanists, a deviant ___ system
9.Strain Theory: having a high income but rejecting conspicuous consumerism is ___
13.the Cripps, for example
15.abusive families leave some Af-Am women few choices except deviance according to ___ ___ (2 Words)
16.a terrorist attack; an example of deviance that is ___ for society
21.a young person may be labeled a ___ delinquent for a status offense
23.the Birmingham bus boycott was an example of civil ___.
26.Zuboff views the computer as the modern ___
27.most Goths ___ to a subculture of dress
28.power relations are evident when the victim is poor, black, & female according to ___ theorists
29.when certain people are designated deviants, they come to accept the ___ and act accordingly
30.persons with AIDS live with a ____
1.to copy from another student is a violation of a ___
3.Deviance occurs when there is access to illegitimate ___ structures (Cloward & Ohlin)
5.today's gangs participate in ___ conflicts according to Yablonsky.
7.cutting class is a violation of a ___
8.police are external ___ controls
10.internal social controls take place during ___
11.Hirschi explains deviance in his social ____ theory
12.Strain Theory: playing the lottery to "get rich quick" is an example of ___
14.Akers' contribution to the symbolic interactionist perspective is the differential ___ theory
17.the Cheerleaders and Jocks, for example
18.A Neighborhood Watch is an example of what functionalists would describe as a positive social ____ of deviance.
19.wearing PJ's to church may be viewed as ___ by a social audience
20.when a crime is involved, the perpetrator is labeled a ___
22.Chambliss' study included the Saints and the ___
24.the powerful use laws to control those without power according to this person
25.Merton developed Strain Theory based on Durkheim's concept of ___

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