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Newton's Laws

Richard Rice

Revision of AQA P2 part one - Newton's Laws of Motion

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2.Newton 1 part 2 ...or moves with constant _____________
4.Force that causes bouyancy
9.Resultant force in newtons on a 20kg object accelerating at 4m/s/s
10.Another name for wind resistance
11.Name of the overall force on a body.
15.Contact force which slows things down
16.Place where the two short range forces dominate
17.Newton 1 part 1 in the absence of a force an object remains at ____________
1.One of the four "action at a distance" forces which can be pretty shocking!
3.One of the four "action at a distance" forces which keeps the moon in orbit
5.Name of the force due to the pull of gravity
6.Newton became head of the Royal __________
7.Every action has an equal and opposite ______________
8.The the force that stops you falling through the floor, normal ____________
12.A force is a push, a ___________ or a twist
13.acceleration in m/s/s of a 80kg runner whose legs produce 320N
14.Mass in kg of a toy car accelerating at 10m/s/s with resultant force 50N
15.Newton's second law stated algebraically __ = __ x __

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