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The Great Unknown from Pixar's Up

Wise Dragon Academy

The following words and phrases were taken from the Disney Pixar movie Up! Try your best to solve as many clues as you can. Be the first of your friends to finish.

1 2
6 7           8  
  9   10 11  
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18 19   20                      
    22 23    

3.a state of being relaxed and feeling OK
4.to tempt, to offer a prize to someone for helping
5.someone held in jail or prison
7.to catch and detain (control it with force)
12.a person who breaks into a place without permission
15.a place that is forgotten or unknown (2 Words)
16.to stop working from your job or office
20.a continent with many Spanish countries; under North America (2 Words)
21.people who travel the world searching for new places
25.to offer help
1.the way something smells
2.when on the boat, the right side
6.Woof! Woof!
8.a trip taken by people out to discover new things and places
9.to jump over an object
10.necklace worn by dogs and cats
11.shelter that is foldable and able to be carried for camping
13.the capability of a blimp to be steered or guided
14.a giant rock with faces of four US presidents carved in it (2 Words)
17.private, only few members
18.an event to celebrate
19.the study of animals
22.a large and scary creature that scars people
23.to lift up
24.supporter, someone who likes a sport or person

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