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Wildlife Crossword

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society

Test your knowledge of North American wildlife and learn a new thing or two with this fun brainteaser.

1 2       3 4   5  
  6 7      
8           9 10 11     12
    14             15        
17         18 19        
    20                 21 22          
24             25   26          
        28 29       30
31             32      
        33           34       35      
    36     37        
42               43              
  44     45       46          
47     48        
49 50         51          
54                 55        

2.french moon
4.Small songbird
8.twig eater
13.our other forest
15.tree of life
17.cartilaginous fish
20.pacific giant
22.photosynthesizing bug eater
23.lady with a belt
24.fire bird
27.squirrel or tree
29.shawnee's white rump
31.western, horned, eared
33.loudest singer (2 wds)
36.sea otter's life line
39.blue, fin, brydes
40.precarious kid
41.fishing hawk
42.saltwater and freshwater mix
43.Rudolph in North America
44.fishy fruit (2 wds)
47.toothless brush
49.carbon sink
51.keratin grips
53.hawks, eagles, falcons
54.rarest rodent, on V.I.
55.poe's corvid
1.aka mountain lion
2.snowshoe specialist
3.famous magician
5.eagle's nest
6.his best friend's cousins
7.slick pinneped
9.i can hear your heart beating
10.sap sucker
11.fastest of all
12.oldest reptile
14.a kind of poison
16.Kodiak relative
18.newt relative
19.sharp hair
21.chum, for one
22.BC's provincial bird (2 wds)
25.longest migrants (2 wds)
26.where the river meets the ocean
28.stinky sauerkraut (2 wds)
30.Hugh Jackman role
32.aquatic leo
34.operatic canine
35.butting keratin
37.baby bat, fox and seal
38.tropical counterpart
41.of sea or river
45.prehistoric proboscidea
46.castor coin
47.badger's domicile
48.number of bear species worldwide
50.not really a whale

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