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--==Game Shows==--

Ivan Jackman

1   2                
  3 4
5                             6 7
      8             9  
    10 11            
13               14            
19               20    

1.Who wants to be a (11)
5.The #1 game show of all time (3-5-2-5)
8.You have to be this over a 5th grader (6)
11.This is my kind of Race (7)
13.MTV's classic game show supposed to be in Ken's Mom's basement (6-7)
16.Name this game show for a thousand please Alex (8)
17.Hosted by Anderson Cooper (3-4)
19.Everyone dreams of hailing one of these down (4-3)
21.Allowed women to escape the drudgery and become (5-3-1-3)
22.Popular kind of feud (6)
23.Hosted by Jeff Probst (8)
2.Hosted by Chuck Woolery (4-10)
3.From 1983 to 1986 hosted by Peter Tomarken (5-4-4)
4.Lets make a what with Monty Hall (4)
6.Both Dick Clark and Donny Osmond hosted this game show (7)
7.Deal or No Deal with ______ Mandel (5)
9.There was a Plus version, Super version and even a Million Dollar version with Regis (8)
10.The original matchmaker (3-6-4)
12.A famous kind of square (9)
14.Predecessor for shows like "don't forget the lyrics" (4-4-4)
15.Plenty of slime for this Nickelodeon kids game show (6-4)
18.Wheel of Fortune surnames Pat & Vanna (5-5)
20.Always trying to win his money (3-5)

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