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Hypnosis Terms 1

Lisa Brown

Terms used in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

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1.Focusing attention at a single point.
3.Mental processes that are not normally conscious, separate from consciousness/
10.Method where the client is gradually exposed to source o anxiety
11.The feeling of trust, co-operation, and acceptance that can exist between hypnotist and client.
13.Heightened sensitivity to stimuli
16.Intense transfer of a traumatic memory from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind.
19.Individual's sense of self.
20.A strong dislike of something.
22.Distancing an individual from directly reliving an event or scene.
23.Therapeutic use of hypnosis.
24.Inability to recall a past event or events.
25.A state of hypersuggestability.
27.Standards a person uses to make decisions or judgments.
28.A deep trance state in which the client can open their eyes and perform complex tasks without breaking the state.
31.Of psychological origin
34.Remembering or reliving a traumatic event or emotions spontaneously or through suggestion.
38.Involuntary movement from the subconscious mind in response to a suggestion or question.
39.Experiencing an earlier time or event as if it is presently occuring.
40.Attributing one's thoughts and feelings to another person.
46.Light stage of hypnosis.
47.Where a limb is caused to rise by suggestion.
48.Pertaining to thinking, knowing, understanding of internal processing of information
49.A previously prepared induction or deepener.
2.A persistent recurring idea difficult to put out of mind.
4.A tendency in some clients to respond to a suggestion with the opposite of it's intention.
5.A goal a person desires to achieve.
6.A set of steps used to achieve a specific outcome.
7.Image, phrase, or story which carries within it a secondary meaning used to bypass the critical faculties.
8.Process of creating images with the imagination.
9.Process of transitioning a client from normal waking consciousness to a hypnotic state.
12.something without intrinsic value that produces an effect due to an individual's belief or expectation.
13.An experience of one of the senses which occurs without external stimulation and can be evoked in the deeper states of hypnosis.
14.a proposal made to a person made just before or during the hypnotic state
15.Using hypnosis in dentistry.
17.The opposition sometimes faced by hypnotists when trying to induce hypnosis in a client.
18.A false idea or belief.
21.Phenomenon where a limb or limbs become rigid and can be placed in any position where it will remain.
25.A shock to an individual which resists immediate healing.
26.The process of bringing about a hypnotic state by fixing the gaze on a point.
29.A state of heightened suggestibility.
30.Originating within the self.
32.A deepening technique that involves
33.Insensitivity to pain.
35.An act a person feels compelled or driven to repeat. Often against their will.
36.Problems caused unintentionally by words such as badly phrased suggestions.
37.Increasing the trance state.
41.An intense fear.
42.A feeling of apprehensive uneasiness.
43.Greek god of sleep.
44.Developer of animal magnetism often cited as the father of hypnosis.
45.Person who originated the term 'hypnosis".

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