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Tiger Eyes

Judy Blume

By Urja Gandhi

2           3
  6       7            
10       11                
13   14   15 16          
19         20    
    21           22 23
24           25            

2.Davey had tears in his eyes for not meeting Wolf
5.When Davey write a letter to Lenaya, in chapter 13 what does the tittle say
6.The code name for building the atom bomb
8.Who is going to Aspen (elementary school)
9.The outstanding civil defense program are the
10.The protagonist boyfriend
11.What picture is davey trying to think as walter in chapter 13
16.What party is daveys mom going
17.Daveys English teachers name in Los Almos High school
18.Daveys mothers best friend
19.The major theme of the book
21.Daveys best friend who was late for her fathers funeral
24.What happened to Daveys dad
25.Dress in ten gallon hats and cowboy boots
26.in business school in Albuerque
27.The protaginist
1.Native Americans are called
3.The secret place scientist lived while the bomb was made
4.Davey thinks of what when she is sitting on the canyon
5.An itching or painful mass of dilated veins in swollen anal tissue.
7.What is Bisty real name
12.Walter is a group leader in what division
13.Who wants Davey to join the Society for preservation of creative Anachronism
14.Wexler's family doctor
15.Played basketball in high school
16.In Davey's Thursday night group
20.Who explained the whole history of cochiti lake
21.A drinker or drug user
22.Who gets the ice pack for mom when her toes got blue and swallon
23.Who is making his way down the canyon where Davey is making

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