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1 2
3               4           5
    7       8              
9       10
      13 14 15        
  16     17                      
18         19     20    
      21                     22        
24           25                          
26 27                            
    29 30                                  
    32     33              

3.My favorite Christian band, especialmente en español.
4.The ____ __ gang. One of my groups of friends in college.
7.Mi color favorito.
8.How old I was when I first started playing guitar.
11.This paid for all of my studies at Tulane.
15.Where my parents live.
17.One of my favorite Christian authors. Was martyred in WWII.
18.El nombre de la asociación microfinanciera que formamos con SI in Guatemala. Significa Crecimiento Económico con Esperanza Real.
21.Where my brother currently lives.
23.The high school where I graduated. Attended 3 of 4 years in total.
24.What I use to read the Bible and other hard to find books in Guatemala.
25.The business school I attended.
26.One of my main Sunday responsibilities when teams are in Magdalena.
30.Me gustan más que cualquier otro plato en Guatemala.
31.Where my grandparents live.
32.La comida más importante del día. Siempre la como con prisa para llegar a tiempo para mis compromisos laborales.
34.My ideal vacation spot.
35.An ideal date spot in the late afternoon in New Orleans to watch the sunset and passing traffic.
36.What I wanted to name my brother. His middle name.
1.Mi compañía telefónica en Guatemala.
2.Where I was born.
5.A board game we play a lot with Matt and Aaron.
6.My favorite type of shirt to wear.
9.I wouldn't have survived the winter nights in Magdalena without this.
10.My mother's job.
12.The month when we started dating. Approximately one year after starting full time in Guatemala.
13.My second favorite Guatemalan food. What you ordered in Antigua when we went to dinner as a group.
14.The job I turned down to come to the mission field.
16.The type of clothing I used to hate wearing in high school and early years of college.
19.What I hide and misplace in my room.
20.El apellido del pueblo donde vivo actualmente.
22.Where I was when I lost my two front teeth in an accident.
27.Mi mamá guatemalteca.
28.The healthcare system where my dad works and my denominational affiliation.
29.El crunchapin. Lo que tengo que agregar a mis sandwiches de jamón y queso.
33.My phone os. Finally I can do more than just make calls and send text messages¡
34.The type of shoes I wear almost everyday and have for the past several years of my life, especially on the mission field.

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