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Theories of Global Inequality (Ch 8)

Introduction to Sociology

All answers are two words with a space between them

1 2                   3
  4 5  
      7   8                            
14     15      

2.believed traditional cultural values such as fatalism perpetuates poverty
6.inequality linked to development; upward movement by self-sustained economic growth
7.poverty in part due to exploitation of low-income countries by high-income countries
10.a stage in which little change occurs and people are not thinking about it
11.in world systems theory, the __ are dominant capitalist centers
13.modernization theory most closely approximates the _______________
17.in world systems theory, the __ are less developed than core nations, for example, S Korea, Brazil, S Africa
18.__ commodity chains; transnational corp. play central role in controlling process
19.examples of these are New York, Tokyo, and London
20.___ chaines, pattern of international labor & production resulting in marketable commodity
21.___ commodity chains; retailers, brand-names set up decentralized production networks
22.the new international __ of __ theory; production split into fragments
23."poorer nations are trapped in a cycle of ________ on richer nations according to D.T.
1.those powerful businesses which operate in more than one nation at a time
3.according to ____ theory, capitalist world economy is a global system in a heirarchy of nations
4.___ consumption last of Rostow's stages; high standard of living
5.__ and __ are the 1st steps to promoting understanding of social problems & the world's people
8.low income countries, dependent on core countries
9.the sociological perspective NOT associated with modernization theory
12.a stage of reinvesting and embracing institutions of developed nations
14.aid to European nations after WWII; a success in development
15.a stage of growth and growing belief in achievement (capitalism)
16.after modernization, people supposedly adopt a ____ similar to high-income countries

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