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Race and Ethnicity: Terminology

Introduction to Sociology pgs 252-268

When the answer is two words, leave a space between them.

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1.__ theorists suggests professional sports are interest of the wealthy that exploits unrealistic expectations of inner city youth
4.__ aggression hypothesis; blocked from goal, express frustration toward others
5.category, often on basis of physical characteristics
11.killing of Native Americans, for example
13.internal ___ ; Native Americans on reservations, for example
14.___ market; upper tier (dominant group) in secure jobs & lower tier (subordinate groups) little job security in hazardous jobs
17.spatial & social separation of categories of people by race, religion, etc
18.___ hypothesis; symbolic interactionists suggest favorable attitudes when certain other factors exist
19.when members of one group marry those of other social or ethnic groups
24.tendency to regard one's own culture & group as the standard & superior
25.unprejudiced ___; discriminates due to peer pressure, economic interests, etc
27.__ theory; racism as ingrained feature of U.S. regardless of law
28.___ institutional discrimination; special education amounting to racial segregation
30.cultural assimilation; adopting clothing of dominant culture, for example
31.prejudiced ___; personal prejudice but does not discriminate due to legal demands, etc.
2.interest ___; racial advances only if dominant group beliefs their interests will be served in doing so
3.___ group; disadvantaged; unequal treatment by dominant group
4.theory of racial ___; actions of the gov't substantially define racial & ethnic relations in U.S.
6.___ group; based primarily on cultural or nationality characteristics
7.___ group; advantaged, superior resources & rights in society
8.__ racism; such as Af-Am's suited for team players & whites as coaches
9.process of becoming absorbed into dominant culture
10.____ laws legalized separation of races in public facilities in the South
12.often used as substitutes for actual source of frustration
15.__ laws; prohibited sex relations between races; strengthened caste system
16.____ assimilation; more difficult if rejected by dominant group
20.___ personality; highly prejudiced persons, insecure, rigid, stereotypic thinking
21.situation in which groups coexist in equality; Switzerland, for example
22.___ racism; interactive effect of racism & sexism on the exploitation of women of color
23.___ discrimination; bank denies loans to people of a certain race
26.negative attitude, faulty generalizations about members of a group
29.___ segregation; residential by landlords, real estate agents, for example

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