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Development review

Steve Jones

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1.Marcia’s term for adolescents who decide to do what they are told by their parents
4.the understanding that objects continue to exist outside of one’s sight
6.what happens, says Erikson, to adolescents who do not develop their own sense of identity
8.a point by which most children can do a certain thing (walking by one, talking by two, for example)
9.the Kohlberg stage in which people follow the Golden Rule or live by higher concepts like justice and life
11.the Kohlberg stage in which people make moral decisions based on peer pressure or following the laws of society
14.this refers to the physical development changes that happen in all children
15.in this Piaget stage adolescents can do abstract and hypothetical thinking
19.the Kohlberg stage in which children make moral decisions based on how it will hurt or help them
20.children who do not succeed in Erikson’s 4th stage may develop this
21.inborn abilities (like grasping and sucking) that children have that later disappear
22.Piaget’s term for when children change their schemas to fit new information
24.children in this Piaget stage are developing object permanence
25.the term Piaget used to describe concepts or categories that children create
26.this word means “I can do it myself!” and it important to Erikson’s 2nd stage
2.in this Piaget stage children can think logically but not abstractly
3.according to Erikson this is what adolescents are striving to achieve
5.Piaget’s term for when children try to put something new into their old schemas
7.what an elderly person may feel, according to Erikson, if they look back on their life with regret
10.according to Erikson people in their 20s and 30s are trying to achieve this
12.when a child is unable to see someone else’s point of view they may be called this
13.this experiment revealed that children have to develop a sense of depth (and fear!)
16.in this Piaget stage children have trouble with conservation and are egocentric
17.events like a bar mitzvah or quinceanera that mark a transition from adolescence to adulthood
18.this term means people in Erikson’s 7th stage are still being productive in their lives
23.Erikson believed that an infant needed to develop this in order to feel the world was secure

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