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All About Harry Potter

1 2 3   4        
  5             6            
8                 9               10
  11                 12                     13        
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16                       17         18
19 20   21   22            
          23     24          
  25             26      
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        30             31          
32         33          
34                   35         36
          37         38
      39                           40      
  41       42            
43                     44                
  45   46         47  
49                       50    
51                       52            

3.Wizard prison.
5.Edward Cullen.
6.Harry's eye color.
8.Wizard currency.
9.Skeletal horses with wings.
11.Voldemort. (Two word's)
12.The garment that decides which house each student will be placed in. (Two words)
13.Gives his life for Harry's in the Malfoy mansion.
14.Hargid's spider friend.
16.Voldemort's minions. (Two words)
17.Harry's godfather
20.Friendly Warewolf.
26."Clearly ____ isn't everything." - Porfessor Snape
27.In Harry's first year at Hogwarts, Voldemort was after the ________________. (Two words)
29.Draco, Lucius, Narcissa.
30.Bertie Botts Every Flavor _____.
31.Harry's beloved pet.
33.Weasley family owl.
34.Popular Hogwarts Headmaster
39.Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, Invincibility Cloak. (Two words)
43.Moody. (Two words)
44.Cruel nickname for witches and wizards who are muggle-born.
48.Friendly competition between the three largest European schools of wizardry. (Two words)
49.Even spiders beware its instantly murderous stare.
51.Madam Pomfrey's occupation at Hogwarts. (Two words)
52.Creatures that work at the wizard bank.
53.All dread their deadly kiss.
54.They take the form of your worst fears.
55.Murders Harry's godfather.
56.Narcissistic defense against the dark arts teacher of Harry's second year.
1.Non-magic folk.
2.Gaurdian of the Griffindor commons. (Two words)
4.The house elf owned by the Black's
6.Wizarding bank.
7.Forbidden killing curse.
10.Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and _____.
12.This man is the 'Half-Blood Prince' (Two Words)
13.Object through which Riddle hypnotizes Ginny.
15.The only female offspring of the Weasleys'
18.Number of Weasley offspring
19.Hagrid's three headed pet.
21.Harry's second language that he shares with Voldemort.
22.Griffendor house ghost. (Three words)
24.Filch's cat.
25.Rival house of Griffendor.
28.Spell that wards of Dementors. (Two words)
31.Place in Hogsmeade where the best Butter Beer is found. (Two words)
32.Hagrids hippogriff.
35.A temporary headmaster of Hogwarts covers her office walls with pictures of these.
36.Tom Riddle's middle name.
37.Popular wizard newspaper. (Two words)
38.Popular sport in the wizarding world.
40.Tree that stands at the entrance to the secret passage leading to the Shrieking Shack. (Two words)
41.Harry's relative and fairly common garden flower.
42.Objects that contain peices of Tom Riddle.
45.Harry's godfather. (Two words)
46.Where witches and wizards shop. The entrance of which is the Leaky Cauldron. (Two words)
47.Dumbledore's pet pheonix.
50."Order of the -------."

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