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Families & Intimate Relationships

Introduction to Sociology (pgs 316-328)

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5.legal and/or socially approved having certain rights, obligations, usually sexual activity
6.pos/neg sanctions for exogamy include family, church, state, and ___ attainment
8.commitment, economic unit, care for young, consider identity significantly attached to the group
9.family of ___; into which person is born and socialization usually takes place
10.__ said marriage, like society, is a mental and moral fusion of physically distinct individuals
12.no longer "production units", __ support related to the workplace has increased importance
14.according to ___, women and men experience marriage differently; two realities may collide
16.__ perspective focus on partiarchy regarding inequality in families rather than class
17.sometimes practiced by wealthy men in Islamic societies in Africa & Asia
18.ancestry, marriage, or adoption; primary form of organization in preindustrial societies
20.permeability and urbanity are terms associated with the ___ perspective
22.Berger/Kellner refer to development of a ___ reality through interactions of the married couple
1.Durkheim and Parsons emphasize the ____ perspective regarding importance of family to society
2.most prevalent pattern of power and authority in families
3.__ family; composed of relatives (with parents/children); vital to agricultural societies
4.__ family; both partners share power and authority equally
7.__ monogamy; several spouses over a lifetime, one at a time
11.___ referred to instrumental roles (male) and expressive roles (female) within a family
12.family of __; formed by having or adopting children
13.families __ ___; blood ties, legal ties, and fictive kin among lesbian & gay couples
15.__ descent; tracing descent through both mother's and father's side of family
19.__ theorists focus on unpaid and exploited work of women in relation to dominant power (like managers) in the family
21.___ family; one/two parents and dependent children living apart from relatives

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