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Families and Intimate Relationships

Introduction to Sociology (pgs 328-343)

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6.physical, psychological abuse, financial exploitation, and medical abuse or neglect of people age 65 or older
7.children who ___ violence in the home may display certain emotional and behavioral problems
8.two people who live together, think of themselves as a couple, without being legally married
9.any intentional act, physical, emotional, or sexual, that causes injury to the spouse
12.number of children in ___ ___ increases; fewer children adopted or placed in permanent homes
14.sometimes referred to as "the sharing of minds"
15.young __ spans from adolesence to about age 39
16.__ may be an opportunity to end destructive relationships & means of personal growth and social identity
17.___ family consists of husband/wife, children from previous marriages, and children of new marriage
1.filling the gas tank for her is an expression of ____________ from a male point of view
2.___ often means end of a status & loss of income and identity
3.___ freedom; includes both the desire to have or not to have children
4.__ ___ is the domestic work that employed women perform at home after workday has ended
5.2000 census shows 1.8 mil more Af-Am women than men; almost ___ as many Af-Am women are single than white women
9.at the macrolevel, __ factors (lack of education and employment) contribute to teen pregnancy
10.some never-married individuals remain single by ___, others by necessity
11.legal process; rights & duties of parenting transfered from biological parents to new legal parents
13.in agricultural societies, __ are source of physical labor for family & society

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