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Physical Chemistry Fundamentals

Robert Moore, Ph.D.

Used for CHEM4405 at Wayland Baptist University

1 2 3               4      
6 7            
  8               9             10
    11     12              
      14     15    
  20       21            

2.Energy a body possesses as a result of motion
6.A link between atoms
8.Charge number of an ion
12.s, p, d, or f
13.The seven fundamental SI units from which all others may be derived
14.Unit of temperature on the absolute scale
16.When more bonds are formed than the octet rule allows
18.Number of complete waves in a given distance
20.Class of substances that run along the diagonal between boron and polonium on the periodic table
22.A covalent bond in which the electrons are not shared evenly between the two connected atoms
23.Energy a body possesses as a result of position
25.Distance between two adjacent wave peaks
1.Form of radiation with the longest wavelength
3.Atoms with the same number of protons, but different number of neutrons
4.Property of bulk matter that depends on the amount of substance
5.A column in the periodic table
7.Region of space around a nucleus where an electron is most likely to be found
9.Proton or neutron
10.A unit describing the amount of substance
11.Maxwell and Boltzmann are examples
15.Theory used in predicting molecular geometry
17.A positively charged atom
19.Average number of molecules in a given energy state
21.Structure used to show the bonds and lone pairs of electrons in molecules
24.A form of matter that completely fills any container it occupies

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