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civics political science

78 mbk

1 2                 3 4
7                           8  
  11     12                      
        13       14
15     16                
  17                 18 19  
21       22                

2.punishes the people who violate the laws of the land
7.the law making authority of the government
9.an official or formal statement
10.a written document signed by a large number of people
11.written laws of the land
13.a legal document from the court of law
16.the organ of the government which implements the laws
17.position of people are organised into different levels
21.an opinion that all members agree with
23.public protest to bring about political changes
24.the smallest number of people who must be present at a meeting
25.causing harm by saying or writing bad or false thing
1.authority of an independent nation
2.the area over which the legal authority extends
3.when head of a nation is not a hereditary monarch
4.to stop a meeting for a period of time
5.to give somebody more control over their life
6.a small group within a country
8.a state whereevery one can get the minimum to lead a decent life
12.imparial policy of a state towards all religions
14.process of bringing about changes in the constitution
15.form of government where the power lies with people
18.brief objects of constitution
19.not seeming to be based on reason
20.ordinary people in society
22.an powerful process of democracy

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