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All answers are a number, all measurements in meters, all time in minutes

3     4 5        
6             7
9       10    

2.how many groups of offenses are there
3.Maximum height of a raised piste
5.What is the time limit for a bout of 5 hits
6.The length of a piste
8.How far from the end of the piste to the on-guarde line
9.How far from the on-guarde position to the centre line
10.In the case of an injury/cramp how long can the referee allow a break in play before the competitor has to retire.
11.The minimum distance of the box from the piste
1.On a raised piste what is the width of the conductive safety border
4.Seniors fight to how many hits in a direct elimination
5.How long is a bout at a team match
7.What is the maximum allowable time for a direct elimination bout
8.How far is it between the on-guarde lines
9.Maximum width of the piste
10.Juniors and veterans fight to how many hits

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