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The Puzzled Gardener


Crossword Puzzle for Master Gardeners

1 2 3     4
  5       6 7 8  
9         10     11        
14     15  
  16 17 18   19      
    21 22           23  
24     25           26
28           29    
31 32 33   34       35                
36                 37 38
    39       40 41         42              
  44             45       46 47   48          
49             50                    
51       52              
53 54            
55           56      

3.What people used to think of the earth, also a multi-compartment container used to raise and sell plants
5.Something rude people have a lot of, also an abnormal swelling on a plant
9.What you hope your shoelaces don't have, also a kind of geometric shaped garden
10.State of a lover's heart, also a plant that can't sustain winter cold
13.What our hair does as we age, also a way to avoid plant overcrowding
14.Catwoman had one of these, also a very young unbranched tree
17.Not man made
20.Part of a mattress, also the season to plant seeds
22.Rocket fuel, also an essential plant nutrient for growth and coloration
24.A "hat" to protect plants during the winter months
27.Compound that can burn you, also soil having a pH of less than 7
28.Where you put your keys, also a small garden for miniature plants
33.An every year event, also a plant that completes its life cycle in one growing season
35.A supernatural event, also a strange growth of fungi
36.Some watch it, some participate in it; also a plant taking on a new form
39.Wood found on the beach, also a long shaped planting
41.Transports water and minerals in plants' vascular tissue
42.Thai food is this, also a plant that is not native, but is growing here
43.Beer can come out of this, also a kind of root that is hard to dig up
44.To upchuck, also what frost makes the ground do during the winter
45.Part of the lamp that lights up, also the food storage tissue of a plant
48.The art of producing miniature trees
49.How medicine is sometimes packaged, also a dry fruit that splits open
50.Many flowered ... as in a shrub rose
51.You might have had trouble with this in school, also a method of getting more plants from a cluster
54.Money, also the color of your thumb
55.Belongs on the Queen's head, also the upper branches of a tree
56.A plant that grows where you don't want it to grow
57.What you do on slippery surfaces, also the season to plant bulbs
1.You are a "5" in this in Kansas City -- but not because you are average!
2.A measure of three feet, also where your grass grows
4.Sound of a clock, also a little bloodsucker
6.Having great gams, also a plant with long thin stalks
7.An artificial recess that resembles a cave
8.Where you may be cast away, also a kind of stand-alone flower bed
11.A lovely native horned animal, also the destroyer of gardens
12.Using your fingers to wake yourself up, also removing the top part of a stem
15.Something that bothers you, also something that bothers plants
16.A tool to poke holes in soil
18.Underground root-like system -- as in an iris
19.Related to flying, also a way the tiger lily reproduces with tiny bulbs
21.Organs that see, also dormant growth buds
23.Training plants to grow flat against a wall or fence
25.A willow's cluster of flowers
26.Where chocolate goes first, also the fruits of a rose plant
29.The sharp part of a knife, also the flat portion of a grass leaf
30.A form of Halloween transportation, also an abnormal growth with many branches
31.A dried plum, also to trim back plants
32.To boss around, also to make a plant grow out of season
34.Undesireable and hard to control -- as in weeds
36.To act creepy and follow people, also the stem of a plant
37.That by which things are measured, also a tree or shrub grown on a single trunk
38.Tilework, also a disease that mottles the leaves of plants
40.Old fashioned style of roofing, also an accumulation of dead grass
45.Locking the door, also the sudden production of premature flowers and seeds
46.What you are, also self seeders in the garden
47.A plant that lives year after year
48.If you had a skeleton for dinner, also what is used as a bulb fertilizer
52.People who will fall for anything, also shoots growing from roots or trunks
53.Naked, also how some plants are sold (describes the roots)

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