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Katharine Kolcaba: Theory of Comfort

Benner Group- NURS 5013, TWU Spring 2011

A fun way to learn the terms associated with Katharine Kolcaba's Theory of Comfort

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4.Optimal functioning
5.the state in which one rises above one's problems or pain.
9.the state of a patient who has had a specific need met.
10.Patient can be an individual, family, institution, or community in need of health care.
11.pertaining to interpersonal, family, and societal relationships
1.pertaining to bodily sensations and homeostatic mechanisms.
2.pertaining to internal awareness of self,
3.assessing the patient's comfort needs,developing and implementing appropriate nursing interventions,evaluating patient comfort following nursing interventions compared to a previous baseline
6.pertaining to external surroundings, conditions, and influences.
7.Exterior influences that can be manipulated to enhance comfort
8.the state of calm or contentment.

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