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Bassically Saxy Knowledge

Bassic Sax

A crossword of all things sax: past and present.

1 2 3 4 5 6
  7   8 9 10         11       12          
          14     15              
    16   17                    
18                           19            
      21           22                    
    23   24
  25 26 27                   28
    29         30     31  
32 33                 34   35          
36                     37  
            38   39            
42 43 44                          
    48       49                        
50 51                      

10.The bigger their surface size, the more sound they reflect
12.A brand of slide saxophones
13.The smallest saxophone in the world
15.What every new sax player should get, but many don't
17.Vogtländische Musikinstrumentenfabrik GmbH's last & finest model
18.An anorexic-like, saxophone-shaped instrument which never caught on
19.Early saxophones didn't have these
20.The company known for its Super 20
21.The bane of our existence
22.Also known as The Master
27.The inventor of our instrument
30.The most popular student saxophone of its day
33.The largest saxophone in the world
35.The type of saxophone most of us all started playing on
36.What reeds are made of
39.A soprano that was decades ahead of its time
40.What we play
44.A saxophone family relative which never truly became popular
46.The most expensive new saxophone in the world
48.One of the big 4 American saxophone makers
49.Another sax that was the victim of the Depression
51.A saxophone-only manufacturer from Paris, France
53.One of only a couple of British saxophone manufacturers
54.The man who Josef Dörfler had a decades-long professional relationship with
55.What Conn really called their Naked Lady
56.A European company that made saxophones some of which were very ornate
57.The most well known Keilwerth brother
1.The "H" in H.N. White stood for what?
2.An instrument manufacturer from Italy
3.Conn's first model of saxophone
4.The model that Buescher used for their bass saxophones
5.My job is seal the toneholes when the keys are closed
6.This saxophone is the "King of Jazz"
7.My job is to hold your reed in place
8.Kohlert's first new model after the company relocated to Germany after WWII
9.J.Keilwerth's most stencilled saxophone
11.Double the pain if you don't like the sound of sopranos
12.What you don't want to leave in your horn after you play it
14.The only Keilwerth brother to have formal training in instrument design
16.Might be made of metal, plastic, wood, bamboo, or a number of other things
23.The classification of our instrument
24.The man who developed a line of mouthpieces that carry his name
25.A horn that was a victim of the Depression
26.Is it, or is it not a saxophone?
28.The most sought-after, American low A bari
29.The world's first plastic saxophone
31.A mouthpiece that will let you be heard
32.The saxophone raise in popularity is because of this style of music
34.A Super 20 with a sterling silver bell and neck
37.An innovative German saxophone inventor
38.The saxophone that was marketed towards the non-professional of the past
39.Snub's horn
41.What makes a saxophone a saxophone
42.World renowned German mouthpiece manufacturer
43.A company not traditionally known for their saxophones, but for their keys
45.The largest saxophone forum on the internet
47.A Selmer USA pro-line
50.The company that made the world's most popular saxophone
51.Baritones have one, and bass saxes have a bigger one
52.Selmer had Buescher make these innovative horns for them in the early early 1940s.

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