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Immigration Terms P to T

E J Cohen 3

Legal immigration Terms p through t

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3.category system in which family and employment visas are given
4.location of entry for aliens and citizens
5.Alien who applies on behalf of another alien
7.Alien coming to the U.S. for educational reasons
10.Alien allowed into U.S. for urgent humanitarian reasons
13.Having no nationality
1.Type of alien resident status that makes them a green card holder
2.Permanent relocation of refugees in a place outside their country
4.Type of physician that does immigration based exams
6.Type of resident that is coming back to the U.S.
8.Persons who lost their citizenship by marriage
9.Expulsion of an alien from the U.S.
11.Person sneaking aboard a vessel
12.Any person who is unable to return to their country for fear of persecution
14.Petition for

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