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Wide Area Networks


Questions based on WAN and Routing Principles

1 2                 3      
6                             7
  8 9    
    10                       11  
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1.X25 provides this type of network (6,8)
5.Time Division and Frequency Division Multiplexing are two types, what is the third (10)
6.A telephone network is this (7,8)
10.Datagram packet switching is also known as this (14)
13.Wireless networking standards are known as this (4,6)
14.A wide area fast-packet technology that offers switched or permanent virtual circuit services (5,5)
16.OSPF is what type of protocol (8,7)
19.What does VPN stand for (7,7,7,)
21.A Router operates at this level of the OSI model (5,1)
22.The opposite of static routing is (7)
2.A protocol used for the resolution of network layer addresses into link layer addresses (3)
3.And end-to-end logical or physical connection (10,8)
4.The world largest WAN (3,8)
7.A data-carrying mechanism that belongs to the family of packet switched networks (4)
8.A device that forwards data packets between telecommunication networks (6)
9.The ability to provide different priority to different applications (3)
11.Message Switched networks use this type of transmission (5,3,7)
12.A very robust protocol for low-quality lines (3)
15.Proprietary protocl created in part to overcome the problems with RIP (5)
17.Frame Relay and ATM operate at this level of the OSI model (5,1)
18.A basic transfer unit associated with a packet switched network (8)
20.SONET is the US/Canadian multiplexing protocol, what is the one used for the rest of the world (3)

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