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Unit 1

Mrs. Ball

Unit 1 Vocabulary

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3.the power of seeing and taking notice.
7.provided by the playwright to give the actors instructions on how to feel or what do do when certain lines are spoken, usually in italics and are in parentheses.
10.the ability to use sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste to become conscious of the environment.
12.males and females playing character roles.
18.an inner drive that causes a person to act a certain way
19.the ability to focus and pay close attention.
20.the conversation between actors on the stage.
24.a story written to be played out on stage.
25.the power to create ideas and pictures in our minds.
26.a written copy of the dialogue that the actors will speak.
27.consideration for and acceptance of ourselves and others, including other people's property, backgrounds, and opinions.
1.techniques and skills that we use to express ourselves emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically.
2.the ability to transform ideas into action.
4.planning and working out the movements and stage grouping for a play.
5.The ability to risk expressing yourself in front of your classmates without fear of being ridiculed.
6.story in dialogue form to be acted out by actors before a live audience.
8.the act of working together, getting along, and sharing responsibility.
9.belief in your worth and abilities as a person
11.assessment of strengths and weaknesses
13.the personality an actor portrays in a scene or play that is different from his or her own personality.
14.nine to fifteen divisions of the stage floor, used by directors when moving actors or placing furniture or scenery
15.one who writes plays.
16.strong feelings, such as joy, fear, hate, and happiness.
17.the art of planning and composing a dance
21.a group of people working together cooperatively.
22.an actor's assumed behavior for the purpose of projecting a character to an audience.
23.the writing or performing of plays, as well as formal study of the artform.

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