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Communication Terms

Nate Geary

Compilation of communication terms from the text chapters 1-9

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2.Rules dealing with the meaning of words
5.Stressing particular words or using gestures to emphasize an idea
7.Restating information while using accompanying gestures to make the information more memorable
10.Graphic representation of the interaction patterns in a group
11.Time use where schedules are flexible
14.A communication model that sees communication or negotiation of meaning in two or more parties responding to their environment and each other
16.Using changes in speech tone or speed to signal turn-taking cues when conversing
19.Time use emphasizing punctuality and schedules
22.The ability to influence other’s thoughts or actions
23.The inability or unwillingness to express one’s thoughts or feeling when necessary
25.The language, values, beliefs, and customs that people share and learn
26.The tendency to transmit messages without considering consequences
30.The amount of weight attached to a particular person or phenomenon
33.A pleasant term substituted one that is less pleasant
34.Rules governing how people use language during speech acts
36.Communication that occurs within yourself
37.Agreement between group members about a decision
38.Non-verbal actions that support spoken words
39.The individual who encodes and transmits a message
1.The socially approved identity that a communicator tries to present
3.The process of putting thoughts into symbols
4.The route by which messages flow between sources and receivers
6.A deliberately vague statement that can be interpreted in more than one way
8.Rules governing how words sound when pronounced
9.The process where the receiver attaches meaning to a message
10.The process of applying exaggerated beliefs associated with a categorizing system
12.Specialized shorthand vocabulary for individuals with a similar background or education
13.The attitude that one’s culture is superior to another
15.Using a non-verbal response instead of a verbal response
17.The pattern of behavior expected of group members
18.The study of how humans use and structure time
20.Rules governing the structure of language
21.Reciprocal communication pattern where each person’s message reinforces the other’s
24.Any distraction that interferes with or changes a message during transmission
25.Using non-verbal messages that contradict with spoken messages
27.The stories people create and use to make sense of their personal world
28.Communication between individuals
29.Hiding visual cues that signal that a speaker may be lying
31.The ability to project oneself into another person’s point of view
32.Behavior used to maintain our presenting image and that of others
35.The individual who analyzes and interprets the message

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