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    3   4        
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1.this stone was used for the relieving of stress and tranquil the mind in aid for sleep
3.the advantages of this stone was to sooth anger, nerves and dispell negative emotions
6.june's secondary birthstone; also named after Czar Alexander II
9.its powers included luck, friendship, protection, healing, and courage
11.these were considered to offer love, money, protection, and luck
13.november's secondary birthstone
14.legend says that sailors wore this stone to keep them safe and prevent seasickness
17.it was thought to inspire creativity and strengthen the nervous system, blood and lymphs
18.this stone was believed to help the heart, kidney, digestive tract, liver, and muscles
19.this stone was used as amuletes to ward off epilepsy in children
21.also known for glass
22.in ancient times, it was thought that the wearer of this stone was blessed with wealth, health, wisdom, and success
1.it was thought to decrease sexual desires and help change bad habits
2.ancient people thought it would increase body strength and add longevity; it was also an ancient symbol of love and virtue
4.mostly known for its color combinations of pink and black
5.it was often worn to relieve inflammation of the skin
7.october's secondary birthstone
8.december's secondary birthstone
10.its powers included spiritual enlightenment and inner peace
12.legend says that it would drive away evil spirits and protect against snake and spider bites
15.throughout history, this stone was worn to guard against drunkenness and overcome addiction
16.the hardest natural substance on earth
20.legend says that this stone was believed to provide magicians and sorcerers with special enhanced powers

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