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Exhaust Systems

Phil Sexton

A level 1 motor vehicle studies crossword to help learn about exhaust system components

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4   5
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17               18       19

1.Directs the gases away from the engine
3.exhausts made from this don't go rusty
6.a silencer type which makes the gases travel
8.a form of steel which is easy to work and cheap
9.for fitting exhaust systems and to prevent leaks around the joints
12.stops the heat from damaging the vehicle underside
13.a chamber often found in two stroke exhausts
16.found inside the silencer
17.Makes the gases quieter
18.these are often made of rubber
20.the noise level measuring scale
2.this type of silencer 'soaks' up noise
4.releases the gases from the combustion chamber
5.removes harmful gases
7.Joins the boxes together
10.found at the end of the exhaust system
11.a section of pipe which allows movement
14.the part which connects to the engine
15.seals the pipe to the box
19.usually fitted with a waste-gate or dump valve

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