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Ignition systems

Phil Sexton

A simple level 1 motor vehicle studies crossword to help learn ignition system components

2   3 4              
  5 6 7      
9             10        
12 13         14          
19       20        

2.the distance between the electrodes
4.What happens when the key is turned
7.resistance unit
8.Stops the electrical current escaping
9.the unit of measurement for electromotive force
10.the distance the spark plug screws into the cyclinder
11.This helps prevent the 'points' burning out
13.sends the electricity to the correct spark plug
15.Provides the electromotive force
16.found between the coil and the spark plug
18.found in many places to turns things on and off
19.the components which provides the spark
20.found inside the distributor
1.the full name for HT
3.these are only found on old type ignition systems
5.fitted to ignition systems to stop interference
6.probably the best metal conductor
12.this ignites the fuel
14.this squirts fuel into the cylinder
17.This multiplies the battery voltage

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