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All Over Hollywood

This crossword puzzle has words from summer camp. Read the hints. Write the words we learned this week. Some words go across. Other words go down.

3   4  
5                       6 7
9     10                    
14             15 16  

1.One part of a movie. A movie is made from many of these.
5.This kind of dialog is two people speaking to each other.
8."Come into a scene."
9.This means stop the camera.
10.A series of pictures that show how the movie will look.
12.Change from one scene to another scene.
14.People with this movie job are famous. Johnny Depp is one.
15.An example of this historical genre is "Saving Private Ryan."
17.This person says, "Lights, Camera, Action!" and controls the movie.
18.Sound or voice that is recorded over the movie.
1.A written paper that tells the actors what to say.
2.These words tell who made the movie and who acted in it.
3.Movie music is called a ________________.
4.This is the place far behind the actors.
6.This movie genre makes us laugh.
7.The camera zooms out, pulls away.
11.One person talking all alone. Shakespeare used this a lot.
12.Rule of __________.
13.Scary movie genre with strange animals or scary people.
16.This movie genre has explosions, fights and car chases.
17.This movie genre is emotional and we sometimes cry.

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