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Demography: The Study of Population

Introduction to Sociology

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1.in the future, the word's population will double and urban populations will ___
4.N.Y.C.'s population grew by 500% in 40 years becoming the first U.S. ____
5.it is 47.5 in Uganda; a high number because families need to have many children to ensure 1 or 2 will live to adulthood (3 Words)
7.number of births plus immigrants = the number of deaths plus emigrants (3 Words)
8.__ factors such as political unrest, war, famine, natural disasters that influence migration
9.according to __, cities are arenas for class conflict and capital accumulation
12.urban problems globally include overcrowding, environmental pollution and disappearance of ____
14.suburbanites rely on the city for employment and services but pay ___ to suburban gov'ts and schools (2 Words)
15.according to urban sociologists, 3% of the world's population lived in _________ 200 years ago (now about 50%)
16.mid- and upper-middle classes, especially whites, move into and renovate central cityre
17.according to Malthus, the population, if left unchecked, would exceed the available __________ (2 Words)
18.high-income countries have a barrel-shape rather than a classic population _________
1.Hoyt's sector model emphasizes __ and __ in layout of cities (2 Words)
2.according to Marx, ___ is advantageous to capitalists who want a surplus of workers to suppress wages and force productivity
3.__ examines urban populations in terms of economic and family status & ethnic classification (3 Words)
6.Three preconditions for a city to develop includes favorable physical environment, advanced technology, and social ____
10.the impact of race and class is visible in the division between cities and ___
11.according to Gan's, urban ___ do not all experience the city in the same way
13.social relationships with spatial boundaries providing a sense of identity and belonging

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