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Collective Behavior, Social Movements,

and Social Change

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5.attitudes and beliefs communicated by ordinary citizens to decision makers (2 Words)
8.the alteration, modification, or transformation of public policy, culture, or social institutions over time (2 Words)
9.based on the belief that partriarchy is a root cause of environmental problems
11.nonviolent action that seeks to change a policy or law by refusing to comply with it; sit-ins during civil rights movement (2 Words)
13.info provided by individuals or groups that have a vested interest in furthering their own cause or damaging an opposing one
14.discontent that people feel when comparing their achievements with others and feel they have less than they deserve (2 Words)
15.violent crowd behavior fueled by deep-seated emotions but not directed at one specific target; may includes sports celebrations
1.__ theory based on assumption that movements are made up of rational people; goals, resources, cost, & collective action are essential to social action (2 Words)
2.an organized group that acts consciously to promote or resist change through collective actions (2 Words)
3.regarding __ & Lois Gibbs, ordinary people become very smart when their lives are threatened (2 Words)
4.voluntary, often spontaneous, engaged in by large no. of people; typically violates dominant-group norms and values; can take various forms (2 Words)
6.movements that may include acts of terrorism or those seeking a utopian society
7.no. of people who share an interest in idea or issue, but are not in one another's immediate vicinity; blogs, e.g.
10.an area of Baton Rouge as an example of environmental racism (2 Words)
12.___ crowds engage in sitins, marches, boycotts, blockades, and strikes

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