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#101.15 Motor Vehicle Accidents

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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2._____ personnel attending to the victims shall have eye protection at the minimum.
5.The first ____ on scene shall give a size up
6.The need for additional _____ shall be determined by the first arriving unit.
8.Whenever there is fuel leakage it shall be _____ that a hoseline be deployed and the application of foam should be considered
13.Once it has been established that the vehicle has been sufficiently _____ the medical crew shall begin patient care by gaining access to the passenger compartment
14.In the incidents involving three or more patients the first arriving medical unit shall assume the duty of _____.
15.When necessary personnel shall be assigned to traffic _____ utilizing road flares, light sticks and and/or traffic cones whenever necessary.
1.In the event of unsafe conditions the first arriving engine company shall be assigned to assess and rectify any _____ found
3.All personnel involved in extrication procedures shall be in full protective _____.
4.Special considerations must be given when accessing a vehicle with any ____ system that has not been deployed.
7.The need for _____ shall be assessed as early as possible then assigned to the appropriate unit(s).
9.Whenever personnel are available, deployment of a _____ should be done.
10.It should also be noted that air bags might deploy several minutes after the ____ has been disconnected.
11.The _____ priority of incoming units shall be scene safety and ensuring the vehicle is stabilized before any other action is taken.
12.Air bags can cause great bodily harm if deployed when an individual is in ____ of it.

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