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1 2             3    
  4             5            
  6             7                    
  8   9   10
  11     12 13 14 15                    
      16   17            

2.Is a lens worn overnight to correct Hyperopia
4.mSv stands for __________
6.A reshearcher at the U.S plant , soil , and nutrition laboratory in Itaca , New York
7.A professor at the school of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester
15.He made the Paune Lens
19.PDA stands for _________________
20.Is the most common treatment for Hyperopia
23.It is the most important part of an SLR camera
24.The design for the Dynabook was made by ___
25.Is a medical procedure for correcting Hyperopia
1.UPS stand for ___________________
3.EPA stands for ___________________
5.Is a medical doctor for his outstanding contribution in Hepatitis
8.is the use of green plants to clean pollution in the enviroment like metals , pesticide , and expolsives
9.Was frist found in Southern Vietnam by amphibian biologist Jodi Rowley
10.Have a crystalline structure that prevents cracks from propagating
11.Has become associated with pain and horror after a nuclear reactor exploded there in Apirl 196
12.A scanner developed by Zhiphing Wu
13.Are another option for myopia
14.DOE stands for_________________
16.One of the tablet's most attractive features
17.Is a unique decoration where you can also place personal messages
18.Has an electronic circuit that matches its load and its performance can be monitored via a computer or handheld device
21.Is the inabilty to see near objects as clear as far object
22.The frist detailed concept for a tablet pc

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