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The Hobbit

Oska Purcell

  2 3
4 5                     6    
    8   9      
10               11    
12               13            
15   16           17            

5.belladonna baggins son (2 Words)
7.what is the name of the writer
8.small green hunched monster
10.the number of dwarves that came into bilbos house
12.leader of the goblins (3 Words)
15.gollums birthday present (2 Words)
17.the white wizard
19.leader of the elves
20.also known as a treasure hunter
1.number of pages in book (5 Words)
2.whats the name of the forest in the wilderland somthing wood
3.how many goblins did gandalf kill before he got away
4.the last chapter of the book (3 Words)
5.who found the ring that gollum lost
6.what did bilbo see when he looked out at the valley during the thunderstorm (2 Words)
9.who killed smaug
11.the name of the evil wolves over the edge of the wild (2 Words)
13.who killed the leader of the goblins
14.my precious
16.lord of the _______

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