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Advanced LiveMeeting

Jody Auer

A brief overview of a training session delivered through MicroSoft LiveMeeting to increase user engagement and retention.

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3.This website has training videos for LiveMeeting to help you build upon your knowledge gained after today's session
5.One of two systems used in LiveMeeting for the audio portion of a meeting
6.will help you be more efficient in your meeting and provides the road map for how to format your meeting based on content
7.When having difficulty with LiveMeeting (i.e., joining meeting and/or recording a meeting), this group is to be contacted.
1.What is the version of compatible file types (i.e., Word, PPT, Excel, PDF) that can be loaded as content in LiveMeeting
2.A BH website requiring a logon; the site used to schedule and update your meeting
4.his/her role is to support the SME with troubleshooting of the technology (if needed)

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