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TEPS Cross Puzzle

erick baek

1 2
  3     4         5
6                     7  
10 11                        
  12     13                
14             15  

3.the two things are next to each other.
6.medicine that is used to treat and cure illness
8.special, exceptional and very expensive
11.the student who has the highest marks in their class when they graduate from high school, college, or university, and who gives a speech at their graduation ceremony
12.you approve of them because they have many different skills
14.you ask for money, help, support, or an opinion from someone
16.it relates, belongs, or applies to it.
17.the passages from their nose and mouth down to their lungs, through which air enters and leaves their body.
18.one that is very busy and involves a lot of rushed activity
1.you wander or travel around it without having a particular purpose.
4.young people who are no longer children but who have not yet become adults. It also refers to their behaviour.
5.main character in novels, movies, and plays
7.free of charge
10.an injury which appears as a purple mark on your body, although the skin is not broken
13.they fill it completely so that no more can be added
15.a young cow that has not yet had a calf

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