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Hot and Dangerous

How well do you know Kesha?

1   2   3 4 5
7     8            
  10 11   12 13        
14                 15    
17       18                

1.She thinks you don't care what her middle name is, but you really do.
6.San Fernando Valley
7.Current number of singles that came off of the album, "Animal"
8.My drug
9.First ever appearance was in whose music video? (2 Words)
12.Her brothers' names are Lagan and _______
14.She wrote "This Love" for The _________
17.Till the World ______
18.Dropped out of school when she was how old? (There's a lot of irony in this number)
19.Her original producer, Dr. ________
20.Month that she was born in
21."Tik Tok" was number 1 on the Billboard top 100 for how many weeks?
22.Blah, Blah, ______
23.Her current age is twenty-_______
2.Ripped all up the side
3.Taio Cruz (2 Words)
4.Broke into his house to leave him her demo.
5.The month in 2010 that "Animal" was released
7.Her favourite album, "Nashville _________"
10.She was a featured artist for one of this person's songs (2 Words)
13.Highest rank that "Animal" debuted at on the Billboard top 200 was number ____
15.Favourite (Or Favorite) Colour
16.First Studio Album
18.Her last name
22.Shared with Johnny Depp

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