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Getting to know your Teammates

Ask questions, find answers and the first 3 that are finished correct...win! Winners will be announced at our Team Meeting.

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1.Who's son is named Carden?
5.This person had a arranged Marriage.
9.This person's wife is big in Mary Kay.
10.Who is a Harley Chick?
12.What sport did Rob play taht starts with an R?
13.What drink could Rob keep in business?
14.Shannika is working on her ________ Master right now.
16.This persons favorite flower is lilly.
19.This person has been called an "extreme coupner".
21.This person is a great bowler.
22.This person loves to bake sweets.
24.This person moved to the United States in 1999.
25.In what city did Chuck recieve his undergrad from?
29.This person plans to climb the highest mountain on every continent.
31.Who is from New Zealand?
32.Who's first job was in India?
34.This person is allergic to bananas.
35.This person was spit up on by a mentee.
36.Who has been married 5 months?
37.Who is from Jamaica?
38.This person is know as a "Track Mom".
2.This person went to school in Mississippi.
3.This person was the starting pitcher for a City league baseball team that won championships 2 years in a row.
4.This person loves colorful clothes and shoes.
6.Who's has a dog named Izzy?
7.This person is a vegitarian.
8.Who just celebrated 10 years with Bank of America on August 1st?
9.This person's wife is big in Mary Kay.
11.Who changes how they say their last name based upon their mood?
15.This person has had their ribs broke twice.
17.This person could eat tuna fish everyday for lunch.
18.Who uses 4' binders only on our team?
20.This person loves sweets and will eat an entire pack of candy.
22.This person is a white water raft guide on the weekends.
23.This person is color blind; typically with red and green.
26.Who was the first to try and make the cookies Tori brought in out of cake mix?
27.Manuel coaches baseball and ________.
28.This person likes to ride their bike, but does not like the sun when in work attire.
29.Kisha's ancestry links her to the founder of what University?
30.Who uses the phrase "that's before my time"?
33.This person's favorite food is doughnuts and peanut butter, but not together.

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