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Meet to Marriage Crossword Puzzle

1 2 3
4 5                    
  9 10    

5.in the romance stage, there is lack of ____________, based primarily on physical attraction and one's satisfaction of lust
7._________ is the end goal that both parties work towards
8.this stage is where it might last several dates. (2 words, pleae ignore the blank) (2 Words)
12.talking/sms-ing over the phone very often is needed
14._________ friendships must be nurtured and can stand the test of time
15.sometimes we call the romance stage ________ love
1.at this stage, it is "what I can give to you" as a contribution to the relationship
2.at the start, you will notice the person's ___________
3.often happens at the beginning of relationships, _____ palms, rapid heart beating, etc.
4.this is the same stage as romance
6.marked by _______ for each other
9.at the romance stage, you will always be ________ of the other person
10.will not flirt with others
11.when you trust your partner, you will feel ________
13.it is recommended that you go for _______ dating at the starting stage

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