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Road Talk

1 2
3 4        
5 6        
    7   8 9
10   11   12 13            
16   17   18            
20       21                      
  22         23     24     25
26       27                      

4.Road Talk #2 favorite truck stop.
5.They fight for truck driver rights.
12.Road Talk #2's first name.
14.Truckings most recent greatest invention.
15.The month Road Talk was started.
18.What Road Talk refers to you as.
19.The social network where Road Talk is found.
20.In ___ we trust.
21.Something you find a lot of during the summer months.
22.Long may she wave.
23.Road Talk #1's favorite NFL team.
26.Number of years Road Talk #2 has been OTR.
27.What Road Talk lovingly calls Pennsylvania.
1.Truckers despise them.
2.The gender of both Road Talk's.
3.Its been bad this Summer.
6.Worst President ever.
7.The combined ages of both Road Talk's.
8.They keep you updated on this.
9.The people who make Road Talk so great.
10.The people who help provide our freedom.
11.Type of pet Road Talk #1 often has with them.
13.The type of truck Road Talk #1 drives.
16.A great magazine for trucking information.
17.Truck Road Talk #2 recently moved into.
24.Road Talk #1's first name.
25.Number of years Road Talk #1 has been driving.

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