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ch 9

Leslie Leonard

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  4 5  
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10 11                 12       13      
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1.pertaining to the heart muscle
6.tumor of a blood vessel
9.rapid heartbeat that is over 100 beats per minute
10.inflammation of a vein associated with the formation of a blood clot
17.active narrowing of a blood vessel
19.colorless,odoerless,tasteless gas essential to resperation in animals
23.wall or partition that divides or separates a body space or cavity
24.a blockage in a vessel,canal, or passage of the body
26.surgical repair of a cardiac valve
27.a blood clot within the vascular system
28.an abnormal rapid throbbing or fluttering of the heart
29.medical instrument used to listen to the normal and pathological sounds of the heart,lungs and other internal organs
30.the pericardium, the sac surounding the heart
31.valve with three cusps
2.used to lower abnormally high blood levels of fatty substances when other treatment regimens fail
3.skin,fingernails, and mucous membranes can appear slightly blue or gray
4.swollen,dilated, and knotted veins that usually occur in the lower legs
5.medicine that acts directly on smooth muscle cells within blood vessels to make them widen
7.inflammation of the heart muscle that is usually caused by viral,bacterial, or fungal infections that reach the heart
8.life-threating condition thaty occurs when the body is not getting enough blood flow
11.low blood pressure
12.surgical excision of the inner partion of an artery
13.lack of oxygen due to decreased blood supply to a part of the body
14.inner lining of the heart
15.inflammation of the outer membranous sac surrounding the heart
16.pathological condition of narrowing of the mitral vavle
18.used to describe the puncture of a vein to withdraw blood for analysis
20.the sinus venosus and the atrium
21.use of a ballon-tipped catheter to compress fatty plaques against an artery wall
22.fat and protein molecules that are bound together
25.valves of the aorta and pulmonary artery;shaped like a crescent

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