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London and Greenwich

1 2
3       4                  
5                   6
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11       12                
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3.Word more commonly used for the London Underground.
4.Television programme based in the east end of London
5.The House of Commons and the House of Lords are collectively called this.
7.The statue of Eros decorates this circus.
9.A very common bird found in London.
11.Colour of the famous double decker buses.
12.The head of the Royal Family has this christian name.
13.This large wheel helps you see the whole of London.
15.Famous department store with a green logo.
17.GMT stands for Greenwich ___________ time.
1.Name given to the line running through Greenwich.
2.A royal wedding took place at this abbey recently.
3.You will find Lord Nelson on this square.
6.The O2 Arena was originally built as the ____________ Dome.
8.Dialect of a true Londoner.
10.Name of famous toy shop.
14.Greenwich overlooks the banks of this river.
16.The most famous street for shopping.

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